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October 2008• Volume 1, No. 5
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CGA Forms Partnership With PGA of America

CGA has partnered with The PGA of America.  The common goal of the two groups is to enhance college golf programming and increase awareness and support of existing programs like the National Collegiate Golf Championship and the NCGC On-Campus Expos.  Founded in 1916, The PGA of America is the largest working sports organization in the world, composed of more than 28,000 dedicated men and women promoting the game of golf to everyone, everywhere.  The PGA will partner with and support CGA and its NCGC program and jointly develop additional golf programs and activities for the university market.  “We are extremely pleased to be working with The PGA to expand our current programs and offer additional golf programming for the college market.  Together the CGA and PGA can make a huge impact on colleges through increased golf opportunities for the entire campus,” stated CGA’s President and CEO Mike Munson.  The two will also collaborate on long-term programs like developing student golf clubs and enhancing intramural golf tournaments.

For participating colleges and universities, this new partnership means increased support and publicity for your tournament and club team.  The PGA-CGA partnership will increase the publicity of the NCGC program through the PGA’s extensive network of media connections and its membership throughout the United States.  The PGA will also provide a PGA professional for On-Campus Expos, offering free mini group lessons to participants. 

2008 National Championship In Las Vegas November 7-9

3000 competitors, 50 Local Qualifying Tournaments, 3 National Championship Teams to be crowned

VegasOver the past six years, the National Collegiate Golf Championship (NCGC) has had its share of excitement:  Cal Poly Pomona’s 2 shot swing on the last hole to claim the title over the University of Miami, the pairings party hosted at Nellis Air Force Base as part of the Air Show where NCGC players had a chance to meet an astronaut, the Long Drive Skills Challenge where Christian Green (Central Oregon Community College) out drove the driving range… and the house at the end of the range, plus many other memories for the over 500 participants who have qualified for and competed at the National Championship.

This year’s National Championship at the Silverstone Golf Club in Las Vegas is stacked up to be spectacular.  With TV coverage by Fox Sports, the National Championship and its competitors will gain tremendous exposure.  The National Skills Challenge on Saturday will test the skills of all players and we will be taking a page out of the Big Break Kaanapali and offer some unique challenges.  Sunday’s competition will feature a live leader board in player carts so you’ll know whether to fire at the flags, or protect your lead.

With our new partnership with the PGA and its PGA U Program, The National Championship will include more schools, bringing the number of teams to over 75 representing over 55 schools.  We are looking forward to some fierce competition in the three divisions:  Student, Faculty/Staff and Alumni/Community.  But mostly, we are looking forward to the experiences shared and the new relationships developed by all participating.

For more information on the National Championship, go to:

Fox Sports West to Cover NCGC

Fox Sports (FSN West and FSN Prime Ticket) is the Los Angeles-based cable sports networks serving Southern California, Southern Nevada, and Hawaii. Owned by Fox Cable Networks, FSN will be covering the National Championship in Las Vegas. Interviews, story lines and highlights will be shown on select regional stations, and footage will be provided to local stations in areas that hosted a Local Qualifier or have individuals who participate in the National Tournament. Look for your unbelieveable bunker shot or amazing 70 foot curling putt to be a featured highlight.

Find NCGC Groups on Facebook

CGA has made a Facebook group called National Collegiate Golf, and have listed both NCGC on-Campus Expos and NCGC Tournament dates under the event section. Through Facebook, people have the ability to invite additional guests, post photos videos, or update information like who won the putting contest or who is going to Las Vegas for Nationals. The Facebook group and events are public and anyone that joins the group can post information, photos and videos. For more information on how to access, ask a student or contact us at

FRS Healthy Energy Teams with CGA

Collegiate Golf Alliance has announced its partnership with FRS. The FRS Company, the developer and distributor of FRS® Healthy Energy offers a unique blend of a healthy, sustained energy boost without the crash. FRS® Healthy Energy is the first and only energy products to be powered by the antioxidant quercetin, setting it apart from the over 2,000 sugar-laden and highly caffeinated energy drink products available. Quercetin is an extremely potent antioxidant that is naturally found in many fruits and vegetables, and works to extend the body's natural adrenaline and supports sustained energy - naturally. The partnership will become involved with two of CGA's Flagship events, the National Collegiate Golf Championship and the CGA PGAU program. FRS will provide healthy energy samples for golfers at over 50 Local Qualifiers and 10 PGAU Ryder Cup Schools. FRS will also provide support for NIRSA professionals and students that volunteer at the National Championship in Las Vegas.

National Championship To Crown A Pac-10 Champion

image001During the Pac-10 Recreational Sports Conference this past summer at Stanford, a new innovative program was developed. The Pac-10 Challenge, a yearlong competition that integrates three main Rec Sports Programs into one challenge:  Fitness, Club Sports and Intramurals.  Thirty days of fitness leading into a fitness challenge where each campus logs in their hours of workouts; the Club Sports Challenge involves four regional tournaments in rugby, ice hockey, lacrosse and ultimate Frisbee; and the Intramural Challenge comprising flag football, NCGC golf, basketball and softball.  Each sport has a regional location for campus champions to travel to compete against the other Pac-10 schools.

At the NCGC Tournament in Las Vegas, a Pac-10 Golf Champion will be crowned.  Imagine the first tee with teams from UCLA and USC, and the second tee with teams from Cal and Stanford: head-to-head competition with your rival school makes for an exciting day of golf.  There will only be one Pac-10 Champion and Fox Sports will be there to catch the action from this special competition.  Check our website, to see the names of the players who will qualify to represent their schools, as Local Qualifying Tournaments are played.

Quotes From Past Participants...

westkent“I flew to Las Vegas wondering if the event was real, or one of those "sounds too good to be true" experiences. The event surpassed my expectations.”

- Peter St Pierre, Western Kentucky University


cmulogo”The experience and memories were priceless.”

- Doug Richley, Central Michigan University


“As a competitive golfer in high school, I thought my time to compete in high-level golf tournaments was over when I enrolled at Marquette University. But upon arriving in Las Vegas, to play in the National Collegiate Golf Tournament, I realized that absolutely was not true. From the beginning, my partner and I were treated like real competitors.”290_mu_primary_4c

 - John Borneman, Marquette

50 Universities selected to host Local Qualifiers for 2008 NCGC

Collegiate Golf Alliance (CGA), the premier Collegiate online registration and golf event management company, has selected 50 universities to host local qualifying events for the 2008 National Collegiate Golf Championship (NCGC). This year’s NCGC program will offer local qualifiers in 30 different states including Hawaii. Defending Student Champions from Southern Illinois Edwardsville, Alumni Divisional Champions from Salisbury University and Faculty/Staff Champions from Central Oregon Community College will try to defend their titles.  UT Austin returns for a 6th year of hosting as do Pac-10 rivals USC & UCLA and Stanford and Cal.  Also, for the first time, a Military member of NIRSA the Nimitz-c\Class Aircraft Carrier USS Carl Vinson will host an event. For a list of participating schools or to find out how your school can become involved, please visit

Winning teams from Local Qualifiers advance to the 7th Annual National Collegiate Golf Championship in Las Vegas, Nevada, November 7-9, 2008.  The California based company has teamed with the National Intramural-Recreational Sports Association (NIRSA) to manage the 2008 National Collegiate Golf Championship.  A 2 person scramble event for collegiate and university amateurs, the NCGC allows golfers to compete for their university to see who will be the 2008 National Champion.  The Championship, covered by Fox Sports West, has three divisions: Student, Faculty/Staff and Alumni/Community.  

This amateur golf event is focused on university recreational golfers and consists of local qualifying tournaments held across the United States in the summer and fall.  Local Qualifying winners advance to the official National Collegiate Golf Championship in Las Vegas.   The CGA and NIRSA promote and market the event to over 750 colleges and universities making this the premier recreational college golf event.  LQ Host schools receive a prize package valued at over $800 and over $80 per player.  LQ Host schools that have over 50 players receive a Southwest Airline Round trip ticket to defer travel costs to the National Championship.

Benefiting from the growth of the NCGC over the past years has been the NIRSA Foundation, a not-for-profit organization that provides opportunities for students through professional development, research, scholarships, and educational resources. To date, the NCGC program has raised over $28,000 for the Foundation. The 2008 NCGC program projects between 2,500 and 4,000 golf participants and over 125 million impressions.

“We are very excited to be able to expand the NCGC program to allow more schools the opportunity to participate and compete.  The thrill of competing for your university is now available to more Students, Staff and Alumni.  Returning players are eagerly awaiting the program and new participants will really be impressed,” stated CGA’s President and CEO Mike Munson. 

Sponsors of the event include Southwest Airlines, Red Bull, Golf Digest, Upswing Golf, Cutter & Buck, American Hole in One, Matrix Fitness, Oakley and American Golf.   To provide additional resources, CGA has appointed six regional managers to assist in the programming of campus golf events as well as help coordinate the National Tournament.

For more information please contact, call (413) 332-6038 or go to

Find it on Google Calendar…

CGA has created a public NCGC calendar on Google.  Both On-Campus Expos and NCGC Tournaments have been posted.  Host schools have the option to add additional information like local sponsors and photos.  Participants can search for events in their area to gain additional information.  The calendar can be found under National Collegiate Golf in public calendars.

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