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Mike Munson
President and CEO

After playing baseball in college, Mike turned to golf as a competitive and recreational outlet. Working in campus recreation and always known as the social organizer, he organized social functions, sporting events gatherings and golf tournaments in college as a student. One of the first tournaments was while at San Diego State he helped founded the “Rodney Open” (we get no respect) for students in the dorms. Mike continued his recreational background and graduated from Long Beach State with a BA in Psychology and a Masters in Recreation Administration. He accepted a position as Intramural Director in 1988 at the University of Southern California

He established the USC Trojan Golf Club in 1992. An affiliate of the Southern California Golf Association, the club consisted of students, faculty and staff members from USC with an interest in golf. In the years to come alumni, USC venders and supporters were added to bring the current membership close to 300 members. As membership grew, so did the nonmember interest list to over 1500 currently. These nonmembers participated in an occasional event or at least talked a good golf game! The Trojan Golf Club now supports:
  • Database of over 2000 Trojans who have an interest in golf
  • Programming for 12-15 tournaments per year- Support for over 45 additional affiliated USC events
  • Lessons and special 1 day clinics for students, faculty and staff including the MBA program, Residential Advisers, National Youth Sports Program, and After School Sports Program
As part of his duties with the Trojan Golf Club, Mike also serves as Tournament Director on numerous Regional, local and national tournaments and as committee member on several Alumni, Greek, Professional School and national convention tournaments. It is estimated that he has assisted in the fundraising of over 1.5 million dollars which included over 35,000 participants through various USC golf fundraisers and events.

Mike serves on several local, regional and national golf committees. He is active in professional associations and has chaired several committees that have developed national and regional fundraising tournaments (National Intramural Recreational Sports Association, NCAA, PAC-10). He has made numerous professional presentations related to the golf industry. He is currently a member of the NIRSA, NCAA, SCGA and National Golf Tournaments Directors Association.

He has founded or developed the following campus based programs
  • Tee To Green Campus golf Tour
  • Golf 101- for new college aged players joining the game of golf
  • SoCal Scramble- fundraiser for student scholarships to conferences and workshops
  • Golf sponsorships, incentive and internship programs supplementing Rec Sports budgets
  • CGA Online registration and tournament directors handbook
Mike resides in Irvine, California with his family. He has been married to Denise for fourteen years and has two children: 10 year old Matt and six year old Danielle who are both active in sports…including, yes, golf!

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